Above Ground Oval Pool Liners

Please select your above ground oval swimming pool liner size from the choices below. Each pool size displays 3 options. Select the appropriate pool type option for your particular pool.

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Possible pool types are:

  • Overlap
  • Expandable (overlap with deep section)
  • Beaded

Overlap Liners

Overlap liners fit hang over the wall of your pool under the pool top rail. They don’t have a bead and use coping strips to hold the liner. Oval overlap liners will fit any pool with wall heights up to 54″.

Beaded Liners

Above ground oval pool liners that require a bead must be made with the correct bead type. You will need to know your pool bead type you require as well as the wall height of your pool. The wall height is best measured inside the pool from the bead track to the floor but away from any cove. Typical wall heights include 48″, 52″ and 54″ although other wall heights are not uncommon.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your pool size below because your pool may be a custom or less common size. Generally, the price for your custom sized above ground round pool liner will be the same as the nearest size up (for example, a 16′ x 23′ oval would be priced the same as a 16′ x 24′ liner). If you don’t see your pool size listed then please contact us for assistance.

If your pool is beaded and has a hopper you will need to measure it as though it is an in-ground oval pool. Click here for a measuring guide for you Oval pool with a hopper (deep area).

Most newer pools use the Standard bead type, however, there are older pools – such as Esther Williams, Johnny Weissmuller or Wilkes pools that require a special bead to make sure that they fit, and also stay, in the receiver track. The available bead types for your liner are shown below.

Expandable Liners

For Overlap above ground Oval swimming pools that also have a hopper (deeper section) you will need to choose the Expandable above ground oval swimming pool liner product item for your pool size. Expandable liners are generally made to fit pools up to 72″ deep.

Above ground swimming pool liners

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