Doughboy Pool Liners

Doughboy pool liners@ fit oval shaped swimming pools with a “deep end” up to 72″. makes liners to fit your Doughboy above ground swimming pool. Many sizes are in stock using true 20 mil (25 gauge) vinyl. Our liners are perfect for Doughboy pools as well as any other pool that requires an expandable overlap liner.

What are Doughboy pool liners?

Essentially, an Doughboy pool liner is an overlap style liner made with a 72″ wall. The extra material is available to allow the floor of the liner to rest on the bottom of any above ground pool that has a deep area of the pool which is more than the actual pool wall height (usually 48″-52″).

For example, let’s say your swimming pool is a 16×32 oval with a 48″ wall but you have created a deep end by digging out one end of the pool to a depth of 24″. That would mean you would need a liner that could lie on the floor 72″ below the wall top (48″ + 24″). Our Doughboy pool liners are made with a 72″ wall to allow exactly that. Where the pool has not been dug out the liner will overlap the top of the wall and can be trimmed.

Doughboy pool liners
Doughboy pool liners (expandable) are often called “stretch-to-fit” liners. This is a bit misleading because expandable liners don’t stretch anymore than other liners. The extra wall material is used to simply let the floor rest on a floor that is deeper that the ground level. There should be no excessive stretch, in fact.
Even if your swimming pool has a deep area in the center of the pool, the Doughboy pool liner will allow the floor to drop down to the dug out depth. Excess material hanging over the pool wall can easily be trimmed.