Above Ground Rectangle Pool Liners

Please select your pool size from the choices below for your above ground rectangle pool liner. You will need to know what bead type you need as well as the wall height and corner type of your Rectangle pool.

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Your rectangle pool liner is guaranteed to fit your pool. Whether your pool is a Wilkes, Kayak, Fanta-Sea, Esther Williams, Johnny Weissmuller or Classic pool brand, we have the liner to fit with the correct bead to ensure your liner attaches to your pool’s bead receiver correctly. As an example, Wilkes pools (Gibraltar and Genesis) mut have the Wilkes bead.

Once you have found your size, you can then select the options for your pool liner.

Above ground rectangle pool liner options

  • wall height
  • bead type
  • corner type
  • pattern

Wall heights are usually 48″, 52″ or 54″ but other wall heights are not uncommon especially for older pools such as Esther Williams and Johhny Weismuller.

Corner types can vary and selecting the correct corner type and size is important for liner fit. The pool corners can be Square, Radius or Digonal cut corners.

If your pool has a deep end (hopper) then you will need to measure it like an in-ground swimming pool. A measuring guide can be found here if you require one to help you measure your rectangle pool with a hopper (not flat bottom).

Your above ground Beaded liner is made with quality 100% virgin vinyl and is shipped directly from the manufacturer to you.

Above ground liners that are in stock are shipped right away. If we have to make it you can expect it to be shipped in 3-5 days (although this may be longer in peak season).

If you’re unsure about what options you need for your liner, please contact us for assistance. We are ready to help.

Above ground Rectangle pool liners

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12′ x 24′

16′ x 24′

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