In Ground Swimming Pool Shapes

We’ve displayed the most common – and some not so common – in ground swimming pool shapes. If your pool shape is not shown, give us a call. We can’t display all of the possible pool shapes but we can still make a custom pool liner with the perfect fit for swimming pool.

The most common in ground swimming pool shapes

About 75% of in ground pools are built with one of the above shapes. These pools are the easiest to measure and submit your pool dimensions to us on-line. Keep in mind, though, that all pools can be measured correctly to make sure they will have the perfectly fitting liner.

Also keep in mind that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

If you’re not sure, snap a few pictures of your pool and send them to us. We’ll have a much better idea of how we can help you. Just send us the pix in an email to

Here are some other in ground swimming pool shapes

Now that you’ve seen many different kinds of pool shapes, and know what your in ground swimming pool shape is, you can start your in ground liner order.
We would suggest that you download one of our in ground swimming pool measuring guides before going any further, if your in ground swimming pool shape is on of the following:


If your in ground pool isn’t one of these, you might need a little more assistance. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you.

if you want, we can recommend a dealer in your area to help you out. We’d be happy to recommend one. Let us know.

In general, remember that all in ground swimming pool shapes require that the measurements be as accurate as possible, when ordering your replacement liner. The better the measurements, the better the fit.