Swimming Pool Liner FAQ

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I know I need an above ground swimming pool liner. Now what?

To be sure you receive the correct liner for your pool, please verify your pool information. This means not only the actual pool shape and size, but the wall height of your pool and liner attachment method also (beaded or overlap).

Measuring an above ground pool is straight forward. Round pools come in standard sizes based on the diameter of the pool. Rectangle and oval pools are based on the overall length and width (tip to tip).

The pool wall height is measured from the floor to the top of the wall. If your pool is an overlap liner then you just need to verify that the height is less than 54″. Our Above-ground overlap swimming pool liners are made to fit any pools up to 54″ in height. Excess material can be cut off after the pool is filled. Our standard beaded liners are available in 2 sizes: 48″ tall and 52″ tall. It is very important that you measure your pool wall height if you have a beaded liner. If your pool needs a beaded liner with a wall height other than the standard 48″ or 52″ sizes available, you will need a liner that is custom made. Our custom made swimming pool liners are priced on an individual basis. Please contact us for details.

Is there any risk in ordering my swimming pool liner replacement on-line?

There’s no risk if you order the correct liner shape and size for your pool. We guarantee that your liner will be shipped to your door and be made to your specification (size, dimensions, pattern). Installing your own liner is not as difficult as you might think. Utilize our installation guide with step-by-step instructions and you’ll be swimming in your pool again in no time.

And don’t forget, we’re committed to keep your information private. Check out our privacy policy to understand our promise to you.

What does beaded or overlap mean?


On this type of pool, the liner goes up and “overlaps” the pool wall with the excess material on the outside of the pool. Adjusting the liner wall height inside the pool is as easy as overlapping more or less of the vinyl to the outside of the pool wall. The swimming pool liner is held in place with clamps or the actual pool wall coping depending on the manufacturer.


Beaded swimming pool liners snap into a bead track that runs around the inside perimeter of above ground pools. Because the liner hangs inside the pool and does not overlap the wall, beaded liners offer patterns with borders at the top which tend to be more popular. Beaded liners must be ordered with the correct wall height since they do not have extra material like overlap liners do. Most wall heights are either 48- or 52-inch. Be sure to measure the height of your pool wall before selecting a beaded swimming pool liner. If you need to replace a beaded liner, one thing to consider is the size of the bead on your current liner. The bead size can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. J-hook is a bead that allows the liner to hang off the pool wall without a bead track. This option allows you to choose a beaded style pattern if your pool wall is 48″ or 52″.


A stretchable swimming pool liner made to accommodate a “deep end” is called an expandable liner. These are made to fit above ground pools up to 72 inches “deep”. These are also known as stretch-to-fit liners.

What kind of bead do I have?

Once you know that you have a beaded swimming pool liner on your Above Ground pool you need to know what type it is. There are five types available. The Kayak© bead fits Kayak and Sante Fe rectangle pools. Each one has a slightly different design to fit different bead receiver tracks. The diagram below shows the cross section of each to allow you to match your required bead.

Esther Williams

esther williams swimming pool liner bead type


wilkes swimming pool liner bead type


standard swimming pool liner bead type

J-Hook (Multibead)

j-hook swimming pool liner bead type

What’s a vinyl covered step? Do I have one?

Steps come in lot’s of shapes and styles. A lot of steps are plastic or fibreglass – usually white in colour. Vinyl covered steps actually look like the rest of your pool liner with the same wall and floor pattern.

All steps need to be specified when you order your liner. You must also specify the size and style of step – whether plastic/fibreglass or vinyl covered.

My in-ground swimming pool liner has a step? Is that a problem when I install my EZ Pool Direct liner?

The step makes installation of your liner take a liitle extra work. When you receive your measuring guide follow the instructions regarding step measurement to be sure that the liner step is manufactured for the ideal fit. Remember the length and width measurements don’t include the step.

The step location is very important but if you get it right it actually makes placing the liner easier by lining everything up to where it needs to be.

What’s better for my pool? 20 or 30 gauge? What should I order?

Well,the short answer is that thicker is better. The thicker vinyl i.e.30 gauge is recommended for in-ground pools because of its resistance to damage. However, 20 gauge is fine in most cases. For above ground pools, 20 gauge is recommended due to the decreased weight and cost saving. The quality of the pattern embossing does not depend on the thickness of the vinyl material.

Often, customers prefer one pattern over another which may only be available in one gauge. Alternatively, you could select a blend of 20 and 30 for floor and wall which decreases the cost and gives a bit more durability where it’s needed most.

I need a measuring guide. How do I get one?

When you order your In-ground swimming pool liner, you can select to have one sent with your Order Confirmation email as an attachment. If you’d prefer, you can use this link Request Measuring Guide (registered customers) to have one emailed to you.

There’s wrinkles in my liner. How do I get rid of them?

Slight wrinkles appearing during the installation of a swimming pool liner is natural. This is caused by an over allowance of vinyl material to avoid damage to the linear if shrinkage should occur. Smooth out the floor of the liner by pushing it toward the pool wall. A soft broom will be helpful. Never forcefully pull or drag the liner.

Can I still measure my pool with water in it?

Yes. Our measuring guide shows you what you need and how. Essentially, you measure horizontal and vertical distances at key points along the pool floor. A level, measuring stick, telepole, and measuring tape are all you require. You don’t even have to get wet! Remember, it’s always easier with 2 people.

My In-ground pool isn’t one of the standard shapes. How do I proceed?

We make all sizes and shapes of In-ground liners. Most pools comprise standard shapes like Rectangle, Oval, True-L and Grecian pools. However, if your pool is not one of these, you need a special measuring guide and must submit your dimensions by fax or mail.

You can still get an instant quote and place your order for your non-standard replacement liner. When requesting a quote using EZInsta-Quote, select the “Other” option for pool shape selection.